That's right, I took your bases. Well hello there, my name is Ashley. You may call me Ash, Ash Ketchum, Ashed potatoes, Pain in the Ash, Ash Wednesday, Ashtray, that awesome chick, whatever floats your boat! How you've stumbled across my page, I do not know. I'm 21 years old. I live in New York. I love Emily Haines, and Metric as well. I also love Chloe, potatoes, pizza, Explosions in the Sky, Law & Order, CSI, Chicago Fire, Parks and Recreation, South Park, Modern Family, Lie To Me, The Office, my PS3, NHL 14, xbox, Animal Crossing, The Last of Us, photography, playing the piano & guitar, and cats. My favorite sport is hockey and my favorite team is the New York Rangers. If you don't like hockey and you follow me, God bless you. <3 Now enjoy yourself before I take your soul too... unless you're a ginger, then I can't take your soul since you don't have one.

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Miss you guys. ;(

Miss you guys. ;(

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